About TalentFlow

TalentFlow® - Human capital/talent management system provides any Organization a One Stop Solution for all talent needs. The Talent Management Software comprises of four distinct, Web-based modules - Applicant Tracking System, Vendor Management system, Back Office System and Career site. Each one of the applicant tracking software module can operate on a stand-alone or on a fully integrated basis. Our Applicant tracking software simplifies recruiting by automating the administrative process, the sourcing and screening of candidates, and the management of resumes that inevitably lead to shorter hiring cycles and reduced cost per hire.

The TalentFlow - Talent Management System is completely customizable, and can also integrate with existing off-the-shelf Human Resource Information Systems (HRIS) and other applicant tracking systems and processes, as well as other custom client software, to enhance any organization's existing resource and vendor management capabilities. TalentFlow® - Applicant Tracking System is currently being used at over 200 Clients sites.

TalentFlow® state-of-the-art- applicant tracking system was designed to meet the needs in streamlining the entire life cycle of Human Resources Management/Talent Management right from requisition process through onboarding and talent management . Talentflow® - applicant tracking system , deployed in different human intrinsic industries, effectively automates this entire process and provides seamless integration with other HRIS systems. The applicant tracking software enhances the whole hiring process and reduces the cost of hires. This also helps builds better relationships amongst the Hiring managers and Recruiters increasing the quality of hires. Our highly configurable scalable applicant tracking solution is EEO/OFCCP compliant and provides Adhoc Reporting needs aligned with every department/hierarchy with specific Reporting metrics/dashboards through a centralized environment. Our Human Capital Management software takes care of managing multiple vendors with accurate centralized reporting with performance metrics geared to meet the evergrowing needs of talent management in various industries.

Our global multi-lingual software offer modules that generates quick ROI and rapid time to market through our dedicated product and support teams. Talentflow® applicant tracking software enhances the brand image of a company available through our career sites accessible through the company's website driving applicant traffic and enhancing the talent pool. Our applicant tracking system makes the process for applicants quicker and easier and streamlines the entire organizations hiring process through our communication centers that helps seamlessly integrate both internal (employees, recruiters, managers and executives) and external (applicants, candidates, vendors) through one unified applicant tracking software. TalentFlow® - Human capital/talent management experts built is the only Software that is uniquely positioned to complement any organization as a Long term partner - One Stop Shop through both its software and its talent management process expertise.