Recruiting Software

TalentFlow is very powerful recruiting software which automates the development of job requisitions and postings, candidate searches, and applicant screening, ranking and assessment. TalentFlow recruiting software supports all phases and activities of the recruitment life cycle.

Advantages of Talentflow recruiting software

Compliance: In addition to providing the data necessary for completion of EEO-1 reporting requirements, TalentFlow collects and maintains the data required by the OFCCP. OFCCP regulations are particular for companies with federal contracts as they mandate the removal of discrimination in the recruitment process.

Online Recruiting Tools: Traditional recruiting solution costs more and the cost per hire can be reduced substantially when using the Talentflow application. In the hiring process tracking of applicants becomes difficult and the key applicants or sometimes the best fit applicant gets missed out in the process. With the Talentflow system in place tracking of all data becomes so easy. Automatic follow up with the candidates is one of the many features that the Talentflow recruiting software offers through which it is easy to communicate with applicants to make correspondence and requests for interviews, and also to do online status checks.

Corporate Career Site: TalentFlow will build, host, and maintain your corporate career site using industry best practices. Our technology allows for ease of use for the job seeker, empowers the recruiter, and saves your internal marketing and IT resources. The software accelerates the whole process of job posting, processing and hiring at a much faster phase.

Information Sharing: TalentFlow recruiting software provides our customers with the ability to manage their candidate database at one single location, whether it is different branches across the country or across the globe. Using the TalentFlow Auto-Match algorithm, which extracts over 200 data points from a candidate’s background, our customers quickly see the best fit candidates for open positions.

Quick Turnarounds: The Talentflow application has lot of Features like automatic interview scheduling, filtering applicants and selecting best fit applicants for a profile, sharing applicant data across databases, auto-filled online forms using predefined templates the TalentFlow recruitment software can save you Time and money in the whole recruitment process.

Cost: TalentFlow helps our customers and their recruiters by automating their day to day routine tasks and enables them to work smartly. This automation helps in reducing the total administration costs by providing the ability of electronic notification and on boarding features. With e-notification in place, paper management and paper usage is cut down. Lesser paper work helps in efficient management of recruitment and helps companies to Go-Green.

Reporting & Analysis - With comprehensive reporting – applicants, rejections, offers, cost-per-hire, jobs posted, hires by manager, hires by recruiter, etc can be analyzed. With real time reports and a comprehensive reporting functionality the recruiting software tool gives the ability to measure the recruitment performance.

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