Five Effective Functions of Applicant Tracking Software

The hiring department in an establishment is indulged in frenetic activity during the recruitment process, as the hiring managers go to great lengths to recruit ideal candidates who prove to be a perfect fit for a specific job profile. In their quest to spot best candidates, recruiting managers screen various candidates to hire the best among the lot. This is a laborious task, as the hiring team has to go through several procedures to pick the best candidate. To automate recruiting process, and to make it easy for the hiring managers, establishments have started implementing applicant tracking software. There are five effective functions of this tool that make it a sought variety amid organizations that want to simplify recruiting procedures.


Allows list of questions
When an establishment receives several applications from candidates, it has to adopt a surefire strategy to shortlist potential candidates from among the sea of applications. When a set of questions is placed before candidates, it becomes an ideal measure to weed out candidates who have not responded in the right way. The applicant tracking software allows an establishment to include a list of questions, which then is used to pick ideal applications.


Controls application process
Receiving resumes from candidates is just the beginning, as the hiring managers are forced to go through several other procedures before picking the best candidate. Apart from resumes, a company has to deal with the application process, and identify the ideal professional for a job role. This tool that serves as an able ally that allows an establishment to take good control of the application process, as it also makes it easy for an establishment to identify the best candidate in the process.


Allows automatic grading
The recruiting department in an organization has to go through a mountain of applications to pick the best candidate. By following a foolproof procedure that allows the hiring department to narrow down the options, an establishment is well placed to save valuable time and resources in its quest to spot the best candidates. The candidate tracking software allows automatic applicant grading, which makes it easy for an establishment to prepare a shortlist of potential candidates.


Affords customizable workflow
While the recruiting managers are involved in the screening process, tracking the status of the candidate is an important aspect that demands the attention of the hiring personnel. With this software that affords customizable workflow, tracking the status of applicants becomes easy and effective.


Enables Form management
Most importantly, there are several forms that get filled out before a candidate is recruited for a specific job role. This tool that comes with enticing features allows an establishment to take control of the different forms, without having to use printed copies, and paves the way for a paperless recruitment process.

Five significant functions of the recruiting tracking software not only enhances the value of this tool but also converts the tool into a suitable companion for hiring departments belonging to various organizations.

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