Recruiting & Applicant Tracking

The Applicant Tracking System automates the development of job requisitions and postings, candidate searches, applicant screening, ranking and assessment.

Talentflow is web based recruitment software which will give you maximum return on your Investment. This organizes all your HR requirement and the requirements can be managed very effectively using web based recruitment software like Talent flow.

Whether you are a small business or a large organization Talent flow will best fit your needs for recruitment. Talentflow (web based recruitment software) comprises of three different, web-based modules. Each one of this can operate as a standalone application or be integrated with your existing client websites, HRIS and ERP systems.

  • Recruiting and Tracking

    TalentFlow Recruiting Software is designed to fit your company and capture information most important to you and your clients.

  • Job Requisition Building and Posting

    Job Templates unique to your company, screening criteria, Auto-search builder, Automatic job posting, develop Pre-Screening questions.

  • Applicant Screening

    Automatic Collection and Communication, Auto-screening, Auto Decline, Review, route, decline, contact, interview, tech-test, background check, drug-test candidates, in single (one candidate at a time) or multi-mode (many candidates at once), Search database by Resume Keyword, Proximity, and Structured Skills screening criteria.

  • Social Media Integration

    Embrace emerging digital media resourcing channels including LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter etc.

  • Administration

    Add/Change company-wide profile information, Add/Change company-wide Job Templates, Add unlimited users within company, Define Hiring Authority, Security levels for users built-in online help.

  • Communication

    Respond to candidates via email, Email resume to remote user, Manage internal routing lists, Set up interviews with individual or multiple candidates (phone or face-to-face) online, Transfer job requisition from one recruiter to another, Customized auto-response messages to applicants when applying or declining.

Why do companies need Application Tracking Software?

  • Low Number of Applications: Companies are not receiving substantial number of applications from third party job sites.

  • Increased Expenditure on external job boards: Companies are spending their precious recruitment dollars in paying job boards which charge a heavy price per job listing without promising any minimum delivery of resumes.

  • Compliance Issues: Companies which follow EEO and OFCCP ave to generate reports to show that they are compliant with the government standards. This cannot be done by manually maintaining records. Application Tracking Software helps to auto generate these reports.

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